Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grace and Giselle--Artist's of the Month.......Joyce Oroz

 A special pre-Christmas celebration

Grace Laurin and Giselle Rocha are sharing Dragonfly Gallery’s “Artist of the Month” title for December. Grace is ten-years-old, loves to draw horses and make earrings and necklaces. Giselle is twelve-years-old, loves to draw, paint and write. Grace has created lovely pieces of jewelry and Giselle has created an 85,000-word novel and designed and created the book cover. These two sweet girls, bubbling over with talent, will be meeting and greeting folks at the Dragonfly Gallery, 380 Blohm, Aromas, Saturday, December 14th from 2:00 to 4:00pm. Dark Sky, a novel by author Giselle Rocha will be for sale.
Grace’s necklaces and earrings will make wonderful Christmas gifts.
Giselle Rocha wrote A Dark Sky in response to a challenge from her seventh-grade English teacher. It was a fun, silly adventure riddled with errors and corny jokes until the project turned into something more serious—her first novel. Giselle lives with her parents, sister, and kitty in Salinas, CA.

Dark Sky
A LEGEND—once thought of as nothing but an old fairy tale—is about to come true. On the 500th anniversary of King Taizkehwa’s fall, the tyrant shall break out of his stony prison to take back his kingdom—and his queen—once and for all. Desperate to escape the clutches of her former husband, Queen Genevieve seeks out the kingdom’s only hope: six young people who hold the power of the purest magic in their hands. Kristen, the only one of the six to be found, suddenly finds herself thrown into a fantastical dream and nightmare of war, magic, pegasi, dragons, betrayals, secrets, and newfound love.

Grace Laurin loves nature, and has saved many a lizard, beetle, bug, from death. She draws horses and dragons and works in her “fairy garden.” When Grace turned one-year-old she made it clear to her parents that she loved horses. She happily takes riding lessons, mucks out the stalls, and mentors younger riders.

Don’t forget to come and meet the girls Saturday, December 14th and see all the new and wonderful items at the Dragonfly Gallery, 380 Blohm Ave., Aromas. 2:00 to 4:00 pm with refreshments. See you there!

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