Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life as a Gnome......Joyce Oroz

Just finished clearing the cobwebs out of my desk, and a 
dumpster full of other stuff. I finished writing book #7, 
named it Scent of a Swindle, 
took the dog for a walk, arranged the 
desktop and rearranged the desktop. I asked my husband 
why I’m short of words when I finally have time to print them. 
He says I can’t be short of words, I’m a woman.
That’s when the fight began—not really. 

The best part of marriage is when you both mature and 
get to a point where you can say anything. 
Even if the thing said was the awefullest thing in the world 
we would probably just laugh or counter 
with something worse. 
My husband would call it a clever riposte.

But life is not all words. My alarm-owl says that Book 7 is 
finished and in Tomi’s capable hands, so it's time to paint 
a cover picture. I’m thinking it should be a cute little gnome 
with a bullet hole in his cute little pointy red hat.

If you are wondering what kind of message 
this picture sends, you’ll have to read the book 
to find out. 

Hopefully this September!

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