Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 Woman of the Year........Gayle Sleznick

 Today I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, a great lady, wonderful artist, Gayle Sleznick. Here are a few of the hundreds of paintings she has given the world so far. Not to mention the paintings produced by her students. Congratulations Gayle!

Gayle Sleznick named 
2015 Woman of the Year

By Gayle Sleznick
The San Benito County

Chamber of Commerce held its 94th Annual Awards Dinner at

San Juan Oaks Golf Club, Saturday evening, January 24. 
I have received many awards for my artwork over the years, but being named as the Woman of the Year 2015 
brought me to tears.
The fact, David Huboi was the Man of the Year was
even sweeter. Two artists, very different in

what they do, but in total agreement of what

they accomplish were recognized. 
When Anthony Botelho handed me the Certificate

of Recognition from the County Board of Supervisors,

hugged me and thanked me for representin San Juan Bautista, 
I realized, YES, I am thrilled San Juan Bautista gets recognition from this Award as well. 

I am receiving this honor BECAUSE of San Juan Bautista.

Along with history, Gerald and Mary McCullough and James and Gayle Sleznick are the only two married couples who have
received the honors. Not during the same years, but obviously worked together as a team within their communities. 
Jim was Man of the Year 2006. 
Just took me a bit longer to catch up. _


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